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We’re quickly turning into the generation of the podcasts. Podcasts can sometimes create a more intimate feeling than the typical TV show or book. The feeling of sitting in on our favorite people’s conversations is the best part! Below, is a round up of podcasts that cover education, inclusion, and diversity. 

6 Degrees from Cannabis (Previously Cannabliss) – Hosted by Tori Rerick

Dr. Tori Rerick, PharmD. is dedicated to educating the public on all things cannabis on 6 Degrees from Cannabis.

Dr. Rerick is able to provide a perspective into the cannabis world that many of us would never otherwise have access to. Rerick discusses cannabis from an easy-to-understand health and wellness management standpoint. She often turns towards experts, along with her background knowledge, to explore every aspect of the humble plant.

Affirm – Hosted by Davia Roberts

If you’re looking for a daily dose of inspiration and motivation, Affirm is the podcast for you. Davia Roberts is a former trauma therapist, who crafted the podcast with the intent of reaching young women of color. She aims to help to reaffirm young WOC of their worth and value through intellectual conversation. 

Though the podcast is no longer being recorded, there are a variety episodes still available. You can still access them and hear discussions on the ins and outs of the wellness industry for POC’s. With issues varying from therapy and burnout to police brutality and other threats to the black community, Roberts covers it all.

Hey, Girl. – Hosted by Alex Elle

Created specifically with sisterhood and storytelling at the forefront, Hey, girl. hosted by Alex Elle brings together the voices of women everywhere to tell their stories and hear their voices. 

This podcast often feels like you’re a part of a comforting conversation at the coffee shop with your girlfriends, with no big production to-dos or extra clips. Alex is simply able to sit down with both friends and other special guests to discuss everyday topics related to women that often get ignored. As a safe place for women from all different backgrounds, Hey, Girl is the perfect inclusive podcast to help you wind down and rebalance.

Black Art in America (BAIA) – Hosted by Najee Dorsey

BAIA focuses on black art in America, its influence, and its message. Every week, Najee Dorsey talks with an artist of color to discuss and celebrate different types of art. As a sect of art that isn’t granted the recognition it deserves, Dorsey and his guests are able to give the chance to be heard. 

From conversations about afrocosmologies to being a black woman in art school, the BAIA pod provides insight into the world of black art in America from perspectives that matter the most.

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