We’re raising 10,000 hours of free therapy for women of color

Welcome to DRK Beauty Healing! We aim to give away 10,000 hours of free therapy to those who identify as women of color in the US and have been affected by COVID-19.

DRK Beauty Healing officially launched on May 15, 2020. As a part of this first phase of the initiative, we are asking clinicians across America to donate 10+ hours of therapy hours (pro bono). If you are a clinician and are able to donate hours, please click the registration button below.

If you are a woman of color or identify as such and need therapeutic support, please click the directory button below to access clinicians who have committed to giving some free therapy hours. Don’t forget to review the helpful resources and tools from Mental Health America where you can learn more about mental health.

For more information, questions or feedback on how DRK Beauty could better serve our community, please feel free to contact us at healing@thisisdrkbeauty.com.

If you are feeling suicidal, thinking of harming yourself, or not sure if you can stay safe, please immediately contact 911 or the National Crisis Hotline by dialing 988 on your phone or calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Thank you.

Photo by Lucxama Sylvain