By: Haley Comet, Lead Astrologer, NUiT

Happy August! We are so excited to announce a collaboration between DRK Beauty & NUiT Astrology Match & Date, a partnership written in the stars! The August word of the month for DRK Beauty is alignment, so we wanted to get you horoscopes so you can ALIGN with the cosmos for your greatest opportunities for the month of August. Though there are many obstacles the month ahead foretold by the planets, there are also immense opportunities for significant healing, creativity, and resilience. We’ve supported you with mantras by sign so you can affirm all of the blessings this month can hold for you! 

To unlock what energy you PERSONALLY can align with, read below for your rising sign, or sometimes called ascendant. This is your most accurate placement in your birth chart for transits. 

Not sure what your rising sign is? Download the free app NUiT from the App Store or Google Play to find out your rising sign AND the entirety of your birth chart. You are a multi-faceted being, and your birth chart is JUST as layered, so diving in can help you understand the depths of your personality. If you don’t know your time of birth, which is needed for the rising sign, read your sun and moon sign horoscopes as well – as the themes may have some value for your life!

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