As I sit across, yet another client who is struggling with adapting to their “new” life during a pandemic.  I realized, like a lot of other things, that COVID-19 is not only something that impacts individuals physically but also mentally as well.  Meaning, a lot of us have experienced the mental fatigue of COVID-19 without actually testing positive for it. 

With a sudden post holiday rise in the number of cases and projections promising to continue to increase, I believe that we have not seen the depths of COVID yet.  For a lot of us, if we have not been impacted directly, we now know someone who has tested positive for COVID and/or lost their life to COVID.  This new reality makes for the degree of separation between self and COVID-19 so much smaller.   Our subconscious thoughts are now being overwhelmed and overworked with all the unknown around COVID.


COVID-19 is our new reality and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. We cannot fully control how COVID-19 is transmitted, however we can control how we respond to COVID and thoughts related to COVID. Faulty thinking can increase anxiety, mood swings and it can impact decision making skills.  Our ability to manage daily stressors which can sometimes comes out as risky behaviors, impulsive decisions, poor communication skills, the inability to complete simple tasks, as well as and sleep disturbance to name a few.

Best practices:

  • Be aware of our thoughts and how they make us feel, but do not be over consumed with our thoughts.
  • When experiencing overwhelming or negative thoughts of COVID and all the what if’s of COVID, change gears, engage in a different activity in order to decrease thoughts.
  • Be intentional about maintaining friendships and feeding your passions. You deserve healthy people to people interaction.
  • If you are overwhelmed with your thoughts, reach out to a professional for help! 

Please feel reassures that you are not in this alone. Your feelings are valid and you hold a place in this world.  As our community works together to combat COVID, it is imperative that we take care of both our physical and our mental health. A clear mental psyche, allows one to maintain clarity in order to navigate through daily stressors and the feelings and emotions that come with those stressors.  The act of taking it one day at a time while maintaining balance, is something that we should all strive for.

We have to acknowledge that COVID came and disrupted our lives, and now we have to adjust in order to get through it.  Adjustments are not easy, they are uncomfortable however they are a requirement for knowledge based decisions and growth. 

How we navigate through these adjustments are determined by the health of our psyche.

JaQuinda Jackson

Resources to help you on your healing journey:

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