Credit: Andrea Piacquadio
By: Keri Perkins

Hi again. It’s Keri Perkins – a London-based yoga teacher here to talk about misconceptions that might be preventing you discovering yoga bliss. Plus three videos to start your yoga practice today.

Myth #1 :

Yoga is too hard

Many people shy away from yoga as they fear it’s too difficult. I’m not going to lie to you – yes, some poses are difficult. Ask any teacher, they too will tell you something they struggle with. But yoga meets you where you are. How boring if you could smash everything straight away! What then would be left for you to discover along the way?

A good teacher will make you feel comfortable and confident in class and will adapt the poses for different bodies – remember, there is always an alternative!

What you get from that is the gift of learning to listen to your body, accepting your body for how wonderful it is and what it can achieve in the moment.

And, overtime, the magic happens; you begin to do things that you never thought you could do, no matter your fitness level, age or body type.

Myth #2 :

Yoga is all about stretching 

Yoga may appear to be just about stretching and lengthening of the muscles, but there is a lot more to it than that. This practice is a science and philosophy 1,000 years old and covers many elements from postures, breathing techniques and meditation and guidance on how to accept and love yourself and others.

There will be a practice which suits you – whether it’s dynamic yoga-like ashtanga, to more restorative yoga-like yin; Iyengar yoga, which focuses on alignment and the use of props; Kundalini practices around breathwork; or meditation and chanting/mantra (yes, a type of yoga!), with no stretching involved at all!

Myth #3 :

Yoga is too serious

Try so see yoga as playful, and really have fun experimenting with your body. Connecting to your breath through the practice has the physiological effect of producing endorphins.

Your yoga practice will soon see you checking in with yourself, asking: “Am I happier? Less stressed out? Do I feel capable?”.

Music – Sound! – can deliver a powerful new component to the practice, fuelling each practitioner with childlike curiosity, creating a united sense of joy that flows with harmony and longevity. We Are Boogie Sound sessions always bring together yoga and music. Music – like yoga – is healing; it connects you to your true Self and to others, and it’s also just heaps of fun.

Let’s get up and get moving!

Beginners 3 Minute Breathing Session

This 3-minute practice is great for beginners and advanced students of yoga. Feel stress of today day melt away in no time.

6 minute Jivamukti Yoga Session

This 6-minute practice is great for beginners and those who might want a longer flow. Inclusive of mindful fluid movement and breathing techniques.

9 Minute Jivamukti Yoga Session

This 9-minute session of intermediate yoga will energize your body and mind. The flow includes sun salutations and standing postures to help you feel grounded. This session is aimed to challenge you a bit more.

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