By: Suad Othman

The path to discovering yourself can be a little rocky. At what point do we really say, “I know who I am?” I think we grow and evolve into different people as the years go by. Things start to change about us. We rarely see that change until we look back at our past. Our world-views are different, the way we treat people, and most importantly, the way we treat ourselves. 

My path to discovery has been difficult like most people. Not only hard in the way that life is hard, but difficult because of what I thought would be true for me. Whether that be in certain times in my life or certain situations, I’ve found that life is more complex than I expected.

One discovery I’ve made is that I rarely take a “win” for what it is and let myself celebrate that. If you’re like me, you’re one of those people that doesn’t allow themselves to be happy with that win because you know there’s so much more you want to accomplish. I’m one of those people. Something I’ve noticed is that I don’t allow myself to truly feel happy in certain situations because internally I don’t want that feeling to turn into a moment of “okay I can breathe now it’s over.” Because it’s not over, there’s so much more I must accomplish in my life. I’m currently still working on that discovery.

On the other hand, I do have qualities that are beneficial, and those discoveries have been made mainly by other people. Someone once reminded me of my resilience. At first, I didn’t understand how this could pertain to me. I was reminded that when I choose something whether that be a new goal or a new way of life, I stick to it and don’t stop until I’ve completed it with efficiency. And then I realized that I don’t have to be so hard on myself because I know I’ll get to the next step. 

“I must remember that I’ll overcome these current obstacles just like I have in the past.”

Right now, I’m discovering that my writing career looks different than what I originally thought. I’m also learning that I’m very hard on myself and this tends to cause inner anxieties when outwardly there’s nothing actually wrong. These things are tough to grapple with but when I was reminded of my resilience, I was reminded of my strength. I must remember that I’ll overcome these current obstacles just like I have in the past. 

Something I want people to realize is that they’re capable of so much more than they think. Take a chance on yourself and do the things you want to do. Other people’s opinions of whether or not they believe you can doesn’t matter because you won’t know until you’ve tried. My road to discovery has been filled with people who’ve doubted me or questioned my path, but I didn’t know what I was capable of until now. That’s because I didn’t give up. Your road to finding your path or discovering yourself won’t be easy but here’s some advice. Listen to criticism from everyone and use it to your advantage, do the hard work it takes to get to where you want to be, and lastly be kind to yourself and don’t ignore your mental health.

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