Photo by Andrea Piacquadio


DRK Beauty is a recently launched wellness and lifestyle content and community platform for people of color. We are working to grow both our Instagram and blog community through relevant and uplifting content and community activations. Given the current global situation and the fact that many people are self-quarantining and observing social distancing, DRK wants to be able to provide our community with content that helps them to stay connected and helps them to take care of themselves both emotionally and physically through our wellness and lifestyle content.

This is why we are launching DRK Beauty – Out Of Office – a collection of video content, helpful and authoritative written content and live online events designed to uplift, inform and engage our audience to help us all stay connected and grounded in these uncertain times.

We aim our content at communities of color which include people of African descent, Latinx, East Asian, South Asian, Native Americans, and other indigenous cultures.

We’re a young company and just starting out and looking to partner with writers and other creatives to help us build out this content and to work with regularly. Check out our IG @thisisdrkbeauty

We are looking for writers/copywriters:

  • Health/beauty/wellness niche focusing on supporting people during self-quarantining.
  • Have a good understanding of diverse cultures and interests
  • Fluent in both written and spoken English
  • Good research skills
  • Good knowledge of keywords in content and writing for SEO
  • All articles checked for plagiarism
  • No auto-generated articles
  • The writer must submit at least 2-3 previously published articles
  • We’re looking for writers to pitch us content ideas
  • We want to work with writers who are also comfortable creating video content to accompany their articles.
  • If we approve the written article and choose to publish, we will pay.
  • We pay via PayPal.
  • We pay $50/article for a 500-word article/feature which needs to include 2-3 sourced images and a self-generated short video about the article (with credits).
  • Contact us: