If you asked me 8 years ago what I wanted my career to look like by 2020, I would have pretty much told you that I’d be signed to one of the best agencies for makeup artists in NYC, I’d be working Fashion week in NY, Paris, Milan and I would be on Pat McGrath’s team. That all changed when I decided to get my education to become a licensed esthetician in the midst of my freelance makeup career in 2016. 

The more I worked as an esthetician, the more I realized how much of an impact I can make. So when I  decided I wanted to make my mark in this ever-growing industry, Melaskin Studio was born. I started my facial studio, back in November of 2019,  because I wanted to create a place where you can be educated about skincare/wellness and have a luxurious experience in a polished space. My service menu is minimal to take the guessing game out of the equation, after all, you are coming to me for guidance. Most of all I feel that it’s important for men and women of color to have estheticians who look like them.

We, estheticians of color, are still under-represented in the esthetics industry, and sad to say, still have a long way to go in the skincare sector of the beauty industry.

My approach to skin is to give you the knowledge and tools you need for what your skin is currently experiencing. There is so much info out there, mixed in with the opinions of various professionals and skin enthusiasts, that it can feel overwhelming. So it’s my job as the expert to always be the student, constantly reading, researching and learning. It is also important for me to be transparent about my opinions versus factual information. Because more than anything you all deserve to have a resource you can trust. 

As this month’s guest editor, I want to celebrate you and all of your melanin. I want to provide you with the facts, along with my professional suggestions and opinions. I’ll be giving you the knowledge that will help you choose products for your skin and tips on how to find an esthetician that suits your needs.  I hope this leaves you feeling more confident and excited about your skin journey.

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