By: Haley Sengsavanh

Hi, guys! My name is Haley Sengsavanh and I am a freelance writer and student journalist based in British Columbia with family hailing from Hong Kong and Laos. From a young age, I have always been passionate about journalism and loved to focus on culture, community, fashion, and beauty in my writing. I am also deeply passionate about environmental activism, human rights, and Indigenous issues, and always strive to promote them in my written work.

 In Fall 2020, I’ll be studying journalism at Ryerson University and pursuing a double minor in political studies and fashion and look forward to pursuing a career in investigative or fashion journalism. 

During high school, I was Copy Head in the Yearbook committee and also covered current events for the school newspaper as Editor-in-Chief. My work has also been featured in publications, such as Micro Macro Magazine, Changing Womxn Collective, The Griffin’s Nest Newspaper, and more. I have a deep appreciation for couture, styling, and editorial photography, and have directed, styled, shot, edited photoshoots for my publication, HaSe Magazine. Some of my favorite designers and creatives include Iris van Herpen, Guo Pei, Tomo Koizumi, Zhang JiaCheng, Zhong Lin, and Luxury Law.

“I am also deeply passionate about environmental activism, human rights, and Indigenous issues, and always strive to promote them in my written work.”

As an experienced interviewer, I’ve discussed politics with youth movement leaders all around the world and interviewed public leaders, such as Kwakwaka’wakw, Cree, Nisga, Coast Salish businesswoman Suzette Amaya, Diné poet Kinsale Hueston, Hong Kong-Canadian activist Natalie Hui, and Indian-Australian actress and writer Ria Patel. When I am not writing, I am running the Instagram account for the Young BC Greens. I am also the Vancouver representative on the BC Green Party Youth Council, which allows me to politically engage in my community, help develop youth outreach strategies, and develop policy. I also coach junior debaters and compete at tournaments across the Lower Mainland. 

In my free time, I can be found poring over editorial spreads and reading up on the latest shows. I enjoy visiting local art galleries and creating artwork of my own. I admire the work of Michaelangelo’s Pieta, John Evertt Millais’ Ophelia, Alexandre Cabanel’s Fallen Angel, and Harmonia Rosales. I pride myself on being a prolific reader and spend most of my days curled up in an armchair with a novel and a strong cup of Tieguanyin tea. One genre I often return to is a mystery, from Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle’s works. Over quarantine, I’ve been consuming a lot of digital media and catching up on television and films I previously didn’t have the time for. Some of my favorite movies are The Grandmaster, V for Vendetta, Spotlight, and In the Mood for Love. Fun fact, I recently learned how to solve a Rubik’s cube, learned basic American Sign Language, and baked a lot of goods including brownies, Japanese cheesecake, and chocolate tarts.

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