Hello DRK Beauty readers, allow me to introduce myself. Born and raised in London, England, as a black woman, I am made up of many diverse parts. My surname, Walcott, is inherited from my Bajan Grandma Cynthia and my middle name, Zinzi, derives from the late great Nelson Mandela’s daughter Zindziswa “Zindzi” Mandela. I entered the world during the week Mandela finally walked free and so my parents thought it fitting to unify that moment with me. Proud of this significance, I continue to use this title in most of my content creation today.


Growing up as a darker-skinned girl in middle-class North London I faced identity crises most days. I was a happy and carefree child until I became aware of the difference in my complexion from my classmates. As a teenager, my insecurities grew as the constant issue of colorism struck me through media and in real life. Sad to say, it put strain on my self-esteem. I focused on my studies to distract me, working hard to get into university which, thankfully, transformed my view on not only myself, but the world around me. 

London was bigger than I imagined, attracting people from all walks and life making everyone’s obsession with complexion a term before, seem so trivial. I realized that in order for others to accept me I had to accept myself, embracing all aspects of who I am. I carried this lesson with me as I transitioned into the real world after graduating with my Master’s degree. As I have grown older, accepting myself has become easier and easier which I love. 

“I think it’s important as a writer to offer new insight into the world we live in, in any way possible.”

Naturally, I would say I’m an introvert, a homebody. I’ve always been in my head as a child, thinking of characters to draw in my sketchpad, visualizing scenes described in books I read, jotting down my own short stories. That’s probably why I like to express myself with words. It gives me the freedom to really go there. Professionally, I have written copy for fashion boutiques as well as breaking news and culture-based articles. The urge to seek new information is more prevalent nowadays and so I think it’s important as a writer to offer new insight into the world we live in, in any way possible.

During my 20s fashion centred my creativity. After months of receiving compliments from colleagues about my personal style I decided to create a blog, Escher Zinzi, showcasing innovative looks I’ve styled together. This continues to be an activity I enjoy and another creative outlet I indulge in outside of writing. I’m excited to bring my knowledge of high fashion and creative culture to DRK Beauty, introducing ways readers can fit this into their lifestyle from day to day.

My journey, although long and tiresome at some points, has shaped me into the person I am today. As a black woman, community is something I’ve always sought solace in, whether online or away from my laptop, and so it brings me great pleasure to have found a new one working with DRK Beauty.

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