My name is Mell Green. I’m a 4-foot something black girl with a big voice from a small town in southern Illinois. I moved to Minnesota when I was just a couple years old and since then, have learned to embrace a very different part of the Midwest, even the ungodly winters. 

From radio djing at my university and owning a number of “high-tech” cameras to designing abstract graphics and hand-coding blogs saturated with satirical poetry, I’ve always been a digital girl in a digital world. If you knew me, then you knew that I was a lover of all things creative and way too online — and still today, not much has changed. When my responsibilities are few, I love to travel, drink a good brew (mostly on warm days), and scope street art, among other things. But of course, nothing compares to the joys of writing. I’ve sourced content for a number of online publications such as Plant People, Byrdie, Terpenes and Testing Magazines dedicated to covering all facets of alternative medicine including the medicinal cannabis movement. 

With more than 250 online articles published under my byline, certainly, getting here was hard and took some time and sacrifice. However, my time behind the keyboard working as a freelance writer for several years has taught me a lot about myself and life in general. One learned nugget of paramount importance is the desperate need for more women like me in media — for our culture’s sake. More trendy than virtuous, many spaces online have done very little (or nothing at all) to highlight the voices and stories of others of different races, ethnicities, and social identifications. But, instead of taking the backseat watching and wondering why, it’s refreshing to see a ton of other women like me working as the vehicle itself to shift the direction.

“I’ve always been a digital girl in a digital world.”

Living in more mechanized times than the one my mother grew up in, as I look at the impact of online media, I believe there’s much to be optimistic about as it continues to grow and extend our capabilities as human beings. Though I’ve long been without sympathetic co-workers or an HR-rep to lean on, I get to escape the typical confinements of the white-collar workforce and reap the benefit of everything it often lacks: flexibility, creativity, and autonomy — all of which have solidified my realization that my value and passion lies in my ability to share my ideas and experiences using words. In my perspective, all the world’s a stage, especially when you have something to say. 

Along with the other amazing women a part of the DRK Beauty team, I hope that I can inspire someone else to do the same in their own unique way. Cliché for me to say? Maybe. Necessary? Oh, 100% — that’s how we create (real) change. Feel free to check out more of my creative works here. You can also feel free to email me at greenmell [at] gmail [dot] com for unsolicited advice er, whatever. Much love, xoxo!

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