Hello DRK Beauty readers, my name is Suad Othman. I’m a 25-year-old slightly ethnically ambiguous freelance writer living in Houston, Texas. I find it funny when people ask me questions like “where did you grow up?” or “where are you from?” because I’m honestly not sure how to answer that. The trouble I have with these questions is that I’m not sure if I’m supposed to state the place I was born in, the city I’ve lived in the longest, or where my heart is.

I’m half Arab, Emirati to be specific and half Ethiopian / Eritrean. I was born in the beautiful city of Dubai. I’m sure you all know it. But I didn’t grow up there. I left Dubai with my mother when I was two years old and we came to the states. Dallas, Texas to be a bit more specific. I lived in Dallas for about 10 years then headed to a small town in the bay area of California called Pacific Grove. After spending about 6 years here we decided we needed another change. I like to think about my life with my mother as humorous Lifetime movie, always on the move never staying in one place too long. Our next destination was Houston, Texas. Where we finally placed some roots. 

It took me a long time to find my passion. I know that sounds kind of funny coming from a 25-year-old because many people at my age still don’t know what their passion is, and that’s okay. I figured out my passion after I heard the quote, “You do well and better in things you want to do, then the things you have to do.” So, I made a list comprising of two sections; one side with things I liked to do, the other section with things I must do to get there. I knew I had to go back to school to become the writer I wanted to be, so I did. I’ll be graduating from the University of Houston this upcoming May. 

“It’s always the beginning because it’s not the end until it’s final.”

My journey as a writer has not been easy, to say the least, and I can imagine this is the case for many other writers. So, I took solace between the waiting periods of know whether I got a job or not with writing poetry. I’ve written for as long as I can remember. Throughout different phases in my life poetry was the one thing that was stable. I found this irreversible comfort in writing my words down and the beautiful thing is it helped me find my voice in times I felt I didn’t have one. I know that if I’m still writing, in a larger sense, everything will be okay.   

 I’d like my writing with DRK Beauty to focus on the mental health and overall wellbeing of women. I want to help you find your roots, solace, stability, and form of self-care. In a world that pushes us to be women who should always be happy, smiling, thankful, or quiet. Together we will find true authentic selves. One word at a time. 

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