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By: Team DRK Beauty

Pre and postnatal mental health is real. While most focus solely on the highs of motherhood, very rarely do we address the lows that come with the job as well. Let’s be honest, it is tough! And we at DRK Beauty felt it was important to create a space for this much-needed discussion, but we knew we couldn’t do it alone. We were so thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Preconceive and The Mom Group LA for a free emotional-support group session.

Led by Denise Williams, a licensed marriage and family therapist, we invited moms of all stages to join us for an evening of open-minded, supportive, and informative dialogue. We understand how hard it can be for mothers to make time for themselves and are so proud of the women that joined us to take the first step. If you were unable to make it, don’t worry! Below you will find some crucial takeaways we hope you will implement into your daily routines. Thank you again to Denise, Preconcevie, and The Mom Group LA for being such amazing partners.

“Self compassion is the space you create for others to be. Create that space for yourself.”

Self-care is an all encompassing concept that includes your mental well being, spiritual well being, and physical well being. In order to grasp the basics of self-care, you must remember the following 4 principles:

  1. Knowing you are worth the time. You are worthy of the self-care you seek.
  2. Boundaries are crucial. You cannot care for yourself if you do not set them and stick to them.
  3. Have some self compassion. Take sometime to learn yourself and learning how to be good to yourself. If you don’t know how to be good to yourself, how can we expect others to do the same?
  4. Learning self forgiveness. As mothers, you hold yourself accountable for so much. Let it go!

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to implement self-care is the notion of “me time.” For many, when they think of “me time” they envision spa days, DIY facials, manicures, and pedicures. Most mothers, however, are juggling work life, homeschooling, meal prep, activities, and so much more. Time is not always on your side. But what if you could steal away 60 seconds of your day?

What could you do with 60 seconds that look like self-care?

  • Breathe! When you first wake up in the morning and before the children are awake, take account of yourself and check in with your body.
  • Leave pen and paper around to do a “anxiety tasking” dump of all of the internal lists in your head that pile up during the day.
  • Oils and candles are also a great tool. Sprinkle some essential oils on some cotton balls and keep them in a pouch in your pocket. When you have a moment, take 60 seconds to roll the cotton balls between your hands for a quick hand massage.
  • Bedtimes are another opportunity to take 60 seconds for yourself. Use these times to schedule in a quick stretch or to prep your tea.

Make it a goal each day to find 60 seconds for self-care and work towards increasing those minutes gradually. We don’t always have it all together and that is okay. Just remember that self-compassion is the bridge to self-forgiveness.

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