By: Trischan Laing

I consider myself an introvert to some extent. Being at home with a good book and a glass of wine is my happy place. I love being invited but I hate actually going places. 

So, being quarantined should be the opportunity of a life time right?

For two weeks it was amazing, I didn’t have to go to classes, or get dressed, or shower, or get out of bed. I watched Netflix and ate cereal while hopping back and forth between Instagram and Twitter. But then came week three, I started to feel a little sad. I watched everything on Netflix and baked at least ten banana loaves. (It’s the only thing I can bake!) My hair started to feel drier than usual and did I always have this many pimples?

You have to remember I’m writing to you from China, the motherland of the pandemic. It’s been 9 or 10 weeks since the announcement of a nationwide quarantine. Currently, the ban has been lifted but everyone is so cautious, we still don’t go out unless we need to. I’ll share with you how I kept sane and tips that can help you to ride out the storm.

1. Get Dressed

This is my number one rule. You dress how you want to feel. If you’re dressed like a bum, then you’ll feel like a bum. I spent some time learning how to paint my own nails properly and I began a weekly deep condition hair routine. Which is something that I have been putting off for years. Now is the time to practice doing that winged eyeliner that you mess up every morning or the daily face masks that you never have time for. Your skin will thank you after all this is over.

2. Find a New Hobby

Credit: Tai Captures

Remember those cool DIYs that you saved on YouTube but never got around to because you were always “too busy”? If you can find a hobby that you genuinely enjoy and it makes some money on the side, then great! But don’t shy away from something just because it may not seem profitable. As a child, my mother used to tell me that the world stops for no one. However, for the first time the world is slowing down for all of us and we have to take advantage of it. You can do macaroni art, crochet, paint, or whatever sets your mind at ease. 

If you don’t have a new hobby in mind, then you can unearth a hobby that you stopped doing, simply because you could not find the time. Mine is reading books. I love reading but I started listening to audiobooks because they are more convenient. Nothing can replace seeing the actual texts and using my finger to follow the words. What pastime would you love to revisit?

3. Take a Break From the News

Credit: Toa Heftiba

I know this is particularly hard. For a long time, I kept refreshing Google until my finger was sore. It’s normal to want to be aware of what’s going on but, the world won’t end if you take a break from the news. Make some tea and relax. For the past few months, everything has been about the virus, it helps to block it out for a day or two. Read something that’s completely unrelated, meditate, and release your anxiety. You don’t need to feel guilty, no one will die because you aren’t watching CNN.

4. Exercise

Personally, whenever I go for long periods of time without doing some form of physical activity, I get cranky or really sad. I can’t go to the gym and I live in an apartment, so I don’t have yard space. I started climbing the stairs up and down while listening to music. Now, I’ve discovered some dance workout classes on YouTube. I am a horrible dancer which makes it even more fun. You have to find a workout that is right for you but whatever it is, it’s important that you get moving (indoors of course!).

At the beginning of the year, I bought a planner and I wrote all my goals for 2020. But, none of us could’ve planned for this quarantine, and life may never return to the normal. We can only adjust and make the best of this new normal. We do not know when this will end, and how changed our lives will be after. But, what we do know is that the human spirit is strong and we can work together to keep it alive. I hope my tips will help you and do tell, how are you adjusting to this new normal? 

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  1. A much needed read! I’ve been going through it myself. I miss the beach, restaurants and all the concerts. If I’m being honest, I probably wouldn’t have made it to all those events, BUT I had the option – who doesn’t like freedom of choice? something to look forward to?

    However I understand the current reality and these tips are vital for one’s wellbeing. Thank you :).

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