DRK Beauty is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle destination for people of color.

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How do you define beauty?

For people of color, the relationship we have with our own sense of beauty is both complicated and powerful. For centuries, we have been told that our beauty isn’t beauty in a myriad of ways – our skin is too dark, our features too big, our hair too wooly. This message was hammered into our psyche over generations and has filtered down through our own families, impacting the way we see ourselves today. Some of us continue to struggle with being comfortable with our innate beauty, often minimizing our essence.

The past decade has seen a revolutionary shift in consciousness when it comes to Black beauty–how we view ourselves, how the world views us and how we show up in the world. Our notion of beauty and our connection to it runs deep within our community and as we work to figure out what this ultimately means to us, DRK Beauty will be there to support us all during this journey of self-exploration and self-actualization.

Join us on this adventure in creating community, empowering people of color and helping brands understand that we aren’t merely part of the conversation – WE ARE THE CONVERSATION!

From early next year, we will be introducing other exciting and unique elements to the platform that will serve to re-define the relationships between brands, influencers, and consumers of color. The ultimate goal is to empower people of color through leader-driven communities and to help brands learn and embrace a new way of marketing to us. We can’t wait to share this with you.