By: Haley Comet – Lead Astrologer, Nuit App

So you know you’re a Libra, and you know your crush is a Capricorn. Are the two of you meant to be? The answer is…yes and no! 

The truth is, you are more than just a Libra and your crush is more than just a Capricorn, and to explore the union, you’ll need to dig deeper.

You are a multi-faceted being and your chart reflects all of your beautiful nuances. When you look at the sun sign, you are looking at just one tiny piece of the huge puzzle. You may be 1/12th of the population who has a Libra sun, but there is a 1/a few billion chance that someone has the exact same snapshot of the sky as you have in your astrology natal chart.

Your chart can illuminate your own potential. It offers an honest view at your strengths, your shortcomings, your blind spots. It provides you a roadmap of what life will be the most fulfilling for you to co-create, non-negotiables you have in relationships and ways to authentically take care of yourself in a method that allows you to feel loved. To understand how you click with other individuals, first you’ll need to dive in to understand what it is your chart needs to feel fulfilled, happy and loved.

💫 Understanding You 💫

Download the free app NUiT and click on “Astrology.” From there, click on Birth Chart and begin to understand the FULL astrological makeup that composes you. The most important placements to focus on are Sun, Moon, Rising, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

Keywords for each sign:

  • Aries – impulsive, fiery, independent
  • Taurus – sensual, determined, grounded
  • Gemini – curious, intelligent, flighty
  • Cancer – caring, responsive, nurturing, 
  • Leo – confident, passionate, generous, 
  • Virgo – detail-oriented, conscientious, humble
  • Libra – charming, harmonious, charismatic 
  • Scorpio – passionate, intense, magnetizing 
  • Sagittarius – fun-loving, free-spirited, adventurous
  • Capricorn – hard-working, ambitious, realistic
  • Aquarius – quirky, individualistic, futuristic
  • Pisces – ethereal, compassionate, spiritual

SUN – How you shine

Personality, identity and ego

Your sun sign describes how you illuminate yourself to other people. It is the qualities, assets, traits and skills you reveal to the world. Your sun sign describes how you wish to create in this world and the journey you are on. The house it is placed in your chart is an area of life you identify with.

MOON – How you react

Emotions, private world and nurturing

Moon is your instinctive reaction. While people around you may pick up on your sun sign, moon sign is more difficult to guess as it is more private and internal. Your moon sign describes your emotional, private landscape and your immediate reactions to things. Studying your moon sign can help you to understand what it is that makes you feel safe, how it is you process your emotions and how you nurture yourself and others. Look to where the moon is placed to see what in life makes you feel supported and nurtured.

RISING – How you present yourself and how you see the world

First impression

The ascendant is the lens by which you view your world, but also, the view by which the world views you. Your rising sign describes how you understand and make sense of your reality. It also summarizes how the world makes sense of you – first impressions you leave, the “vibes” you give off. 

MERCURY – How you communicate

Communication, mental framework

Mercury describes your language style, how you express your thoughts. It also describes your mental space and your ideas. Look to your Mercury sign and house to understand how you get your thoughts across. Where Mercury is placed is an area of life you spend a lot of time thinking about.

VENUS – What you love

Love language, beauty and style

Venus describes what it is that you love, as well as your love language. Study your Venus sign to understand what it is in life you find pleasurable and what in other people you find beautiful. Your Venus sign can also tell you your authentic taste and preferences. Where Venus is placed in your chart will be an area of life you experience as harmonious.

MARS – How you take action

Action, assertiveness and motivation

Mars is the sign that describes how it is you get things DONE. Your Mars sign indicates how you advocate for yourself and how you go after what you want. Where Mars is placed in your chart will be an area of life you exert a lot of energy in. 

You can get more information about your planet by looking at the house its located within (click on Advanced in NUiT to see which houses they show up in)

  • 1st house The Ascendant / Rising Sign  –  identity, body, self, and appearance. 
  • 2nd house – possessions, values, and money that you earn. 
  • 3rd house – communication, siblings, third house, short distance travel.
  • 4th house / IC – home, family, emotional state.
  • 5th house – romance, entertainment, children, creativity.
  • 6th house – health, daily routines, service.
  • 7th house / Descendant – one to one contacts, business partnerships, marriage. 
  • 8th house – shared resources, intimacy, death.
  • 9th house – travel, learning, spirituality.
  • 10th house / Midheaven – professional career, reputation, public persona.
  • 11th house – friends, groups, organizations, hopes, and dreams. 12th house – subconscious, dream world, what is hidden.

Houses that have a lot of planets in them indicate a lot of growth and progress in that area of life. If you don’t have any planets in a house, don’t worry! It doesn’t mean that area of life is devoid for you – the other areas are just more prominent for you.

💫 Understanding Your Partner 💫

Look up your partner’s full chart to begin to gain more insight into how it is they view the world. Perhaps you’re a Cancer moon, so lots of time at home and with friends and family is really what nurtures you and soothes your soul. You may think the same is true for those you date. But diving deeper to consider your partner is an Aries moon, you’d realize that too much time at home will make them feel confined – they crave freedom, independence, and new experiences! By understanding THEIR placements, you can understand what it is they need in a relationship and furthermore, if it is a compatible match.

For romantic relationships, you’ll want to pay special attention to their Moon sign (as this describes his/her emotional landscape), Venus sign (as this describes what he/she finds pleasurable) and Mars sign (as this describes their intimacy landscape). For business or friendships, give more weight to Sun, Mercury, and Moon.

💫 Understanding Your Connection 💫

If we want to really understand how two individuals will grow and mesh together, we look towards the full charts of each individual and how the two interact with one another. Synastry indicates how your planets are interacting with their planets. It sets the tone over the connection between the two of you and can influence how you feel within their presence. The synastry will tell the story of your relationship – its strengths, downfalls, tension points, and where it flows easily. It’s how your chart connects with their chart, and where your charts clash. It can be used as a tool to gain awareness of your union.

Synastry is a very complicated process, but luckily, NUiT has taken the guesswork out of understanding you and your crush’s cosmic connection! NUiT calculates your compatibility, giving you data-backed insights of the potential of the relationship in four sectors – romance, business, magnetism, and friendship. With its easy to understand numerical system ranking the connection on a scale of 1-100, even astrology beginners can log in to learn more about what the potential of the partnership can be. 

There are additional categories that allow you to supplement the relationship. Learn insights into communication and mental compatibility, kindness, and supportiveness, likelihood of surprises, unexpected change, intensity, competition and friction, shared creativity and intuitive compatibility and teamwork, productivity, and mutual motivation, of your friend, business partner or lover. This provides cosmic insight into what aspects of your relationship really flow and others that may need more attention. 

Rather than abandoning your relationship when getting a low score, the information can be utilized to simply provide information to the user on where the union needs more attention. If you know you and your partner have a 91 score in communication and mental compatibility, with a 37 in shared creativity and intuitive compatibility, you can be sure that a stimulating date watching a movie then discussing the subplots over coffee will be more suitable than a wine & paint night. You can use the information to strengthen the parts of your relationship that are cosmically aligned and to work on the aspects that may not be as strong. These scores are meant to bring insight rather than shut down potential relationships. 

So are you, the Libra, and your crush, the Capricorn, compatible? Download NUiT and begin to find out!

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