By: Haley Comet, Lead Astrologer, NUiT App

Happy September! We are so excited to continue the collaboration between DRK Beauty & NUiT Astrology Match & Date, a partnership written in the stars! This month may feel frustrating, with the beginning of Mars retrograde in the sign of Aries, but it also offers this juicy opportunity to review HOW we exert energy. Your energy is your currency, and if you’ve been spending it in places that don’t serve you, September is going to force you to clean up your priorities. We’ve supported you with mantras by sign so you can affirm all of the opportunities for clarity and growth this month holds for you!

To unlock what energy you PERSONALLY can align with, read below for your rising sign, or sometimes called ascendant. This is your most accurate placement in your birth chart for transits. 

Not sure what your rising sign is? Download the free app NUiT from the App Store or Google Play to find out your rising sign AND the entirety of your birth chart. You are a multi-faceted being, and your birth chart is JUST as layered, so diving in can help you understand the depths of your personality. If you don’t know your time of birth, which is needed for the rising sign, read your sun and moon sign horoscopes as well – as the themes may have some value for your life!

💫 Your Monthly Forecast 💫


Aries, you have so much energy and passion, but you may find that in September, that passion begins to dim a bit. And that’s okay! Take it all in stride. With Mars retrograde beginning on September 9, you may have to reconsider what, to who and where you give your energy to. Be mindful of lashing out instinctively – while we love you for your impulsivity, Aries, during this time those sudden reactions can cause more problems down the line. Pick your battles carefully – the more energy you give to meaningless conflicts, the less you have for yourself. You’re going to NEED your extra energy reserves, as during this transit, you may be feeling drained of energy. Your body could be feeling the exhaustion too, and your task lists will never feel busier than at the beginning of the month. Get organized with your tasks, give yourself ample time for rest and relaxation and know when you need to physically move your body to release stagnant energy.  In September, let the inner dialogue of you checking on yourself be the loudest voice you hear.

Around the 23rd of the month, you may lash out, as a result of feeling stuck within your life and your progress. You may feel frustrated from a “no” from an authority figure, a boss or your career in general. Rather than trying the same approach again and again, see if you can get your ego out of the way to try a different approach. Relationships and feedback from others can illuminate you quite a bit, but it takes honesty and humility. The people around you can give you just the idea you needed to find a solution. You may notice you’re extra rebellious towards the end of the month – take that energy and pour it into things you CAN control, rather than obsessing over what you can’t. Flirty energy turns up from the 6th and the month onward, so be open to shooting your shot!


  • I respond, rather than react.
  • I am open to feedback from others to reach my goals.
  • I reconsider the way I process and express anger.
  • I honor the relationship with my body.


Taurus, your sign truly honors the divineness of rest. I want you to lean into that knowledge of your body even more so this month. Mars is retrograde within the portion of your chart that is “hidden” in nature, so you may notice that your willpower and energy stores just feel like they’ve vanished in September. Prepare for this exhaustion by being disciplined about getting to bed an hour early, saying “no” to excess tasks and delegating errands accordingly.

You bulls are ruled by Venus and love being the comfort of being at home. After the 6th of the month, you will feel inspired to elevate your home into a truly restful, rejuvenating place to be. You may invest in new home decor or harmonize your living situation by smoothing things over with your roommates or family members. Look around at your place of living to see how to elevate it, both aesthetically AND relationally! With this time at home, you may get an opportunity to heal some wounds around the 13th, perhaps related to a family member or significant other. You may get an unexpected surprise around finances or love the 15th of the month. Honor what you need – you may find you’re more introverted or more inclined to crave some freedom from your closest relationships. The pace quickens a bit towards the end of September. Notice which opportunities come your way and who you meet during this time, as it can be quite fated!


  • I transform my home into a healing sanctuary.
  • I am deserving of rest and relaxation.
  • Time alone is rejuvenating for me, and I honor it.
  • I pay attention to what and who excites me.
  • I take time to anchor in and integrate the changes in my life.


Gemini, you are the sign of communication and people, and this September, you may have some opportunities to reconnect with some friends you lost touch with. It won’t be seamless – you may need to process some arguments or find a way to make peace with the anger you had. However, September gives this amazing foundation for you to have some loving, helpful conversations, especially towards the beginning of the month. There may be some uncomfortable conversations that surface around the 10th of the month – rather than run away from them, take the opportunity to explain your triggers honestly and openly. Talk it out, because LOVE is always worth moving through the discomfort of being transparent. And you can truly reconnect even stronger with some people you thought you wouldn’t! You also could reconnect with some dreams you lost sight of. 

Be mindful of being too big for your britches around the 17th. You could have a tendency to bite off more than you chew – err on the side of caution when it comes to taking on new projects.  You may get a little jealous or obsessed around the 21st of the month – counteract feelings of envy and comparison with gratitude. Make sure you write down ideas that pop in your mind around the 22nd of the month, as there’s a shred of genius buried within it. You could receive some harsh feedback around the 23-24th, that may stimulate your anger. With Mars retrograde, it’s wise to back off before you go full steam ahead. Plus, there’s some useful advice buried in there. 


  • I am grateful for my life.
  • I create space to process past hurts in my friendships.
  • I am open to healing conversations.
  • I reconnect to my hopes and dreams.
  • I am transparent and honest with those I care about.


Since you are ruled by the moon, you above all other signs understand the power of waxing and waning, the power of cycles. In September, that soft understanding of the cyclical nature of life will become even more important. From the 9th onward, you will experience Mars retrograde in fellow cardinal sign, Aries. You may notice a lack of energy, drive and willpower. You may feel less apt to go after your career goals, or a lack of energy in pursuing them. Rather than getting frustrated with yourself, opt to instead rest when you need to. Rework how you advocate for yourself in your career and to your authority figures. Give yourself what you need to show up fully to the outside world. 

My lovely crabs, the beginning of the month may have felt like a homecoming back to self and soul, a reconnection with what it is that you believe in. The Pisces full moon on the 1st/2nd of the month could have been a spiritual reminder of what truly matters to you and the broad picture vision you have for your life.  Around the 10th, you may need to do a review of what it is you need to let go of. What is blocking your energy? What is getting in the way of what you need? How can you take a leap of faith to set the boundaries you need for your life? Allow that Pisces full moon and the reconnection it brought you to be the leap of faith you needed to move towards what you want your life to look like. There’s a fresh new start for you on the 17th around communicating YOUR honest truth. Take action on it towards the 23rd! 


  • I do an honest inventory of my life and release what doesn’t serve.
  • I speak my truth.
  • I reallocate my professional time and energy.
  • I honor the waxes and wanes of my energy levels.
  • I integrate the diveness of rest.


My lovely Leos, I hope you had a LOVELY birthday season! Now that the candles have been blown out and the party streamers have been put away, the focus in September goes to getting your coin up. Finances and money are just ONE way that you shine, and this month has many options for you to EXPAND your beams! You may get a lucky break around the 9th, particularly around money or resources. You may take on another additional position or get a raise for the work you’ve already been doing. However, don’t expect this money or your lucky break to fall from the sky – this is the sort of energy that rewards slow and steady progress.

 The energy around money this month is very REALISTIC and the opportunities to increase your income are tied to hard work and discipline. Around the 11th of the month, you may get a money offer that seems too good to be true. Don’t buy but others are selling you, and aim to stay realistic about your finances. Work steadily and the payoffs will continue, especially around the 14th. Balance your past with your future by being willing to let go of what belief systems no longer serve you, to create more space to invite in what does. You may need to rethink or replan some travel plans – while it is sad to cancel those Bali plane tickets, focus on the opportunity that time opens up for you. You may feel overwhelmed by opportunities and options around the 16th – stay your course. This month rewards CONSISTENCY no matter how frustrating the detours and stagnations can be. Towards the end of the month, you may be more interested in learning, communicating and collaborating with other like-minded souls – let your lion’s roar be heard!


  • I build my earning potential.
  • I am disciplined.
  • I am consistent with what I work towards.
  • I value myself, and my finances reflect that value.
  • I honor my commitments.


My lovely Virgos, happy birthday to you all! This is the harvest time of the year, where we can reap what we’ve sown slowly and steadily all year. Your focus this month goes towards your bank account, and whether it reflects the effort you’ve been exerting. You’re a hard worker, and it can be frustrating when that doesn’t deliver immediate financial payoffs, but stay consistent and disciplined. You may have some opportunities to maximize the time you have and to boost your earning potential. Get organized about your money, set up your savings account and get your investment game on point. Be mindful not to purchase more than you can afford, especially on the 17 and the 21. You may feel tempted to keep up with those around you, by flexing on the ‘gram with your new Gucci belt or car. While you should spoil yourself for the birthday, check in with yourself – are these purchases for you, or for other people? Are you using your money to set yourself up for your future? 

 You may have to sort out some issues with inheritance, alimony or child support with Mars retrograde Sept. 9 – Nov. 13. There may be some tough conversations you need to have around your partner’s income – your partner may experience some slowdowns that require them to lean on you a bit more. There could be some harsh feedback or financial information you receive on the 23rd. Take a deep breath before reacting instantaneously. This month favors a calm, even-keel demeanor, which I know you Virgos know how to channel. One step at a time!


  • I get organized with my finances.
  • I honor my relationships and partnerships.
  • I get the money I share with others sorted out.
  • I am careful and mindful in all that I do. 
  • I am open to feedback from others. 


Librans, September is here, and with it, the beginning of your birthday season! Get ready to celebrate YOU and all that you are! The month takes a passionate heart-centered tone after the 6th. You’re in the mood to socialize and be SEEN by your social circles after a long summer of quarantining! You may have really missed your friends and want to prioritize spending more time with them, whether in person or digitally. These friendships are likely to be more harmonious this month, so feel free to plan that MEGA Zoom birthday bash! If there’s relationship from the past you wish to rekindle, you have an opportunity to reevaluate your perspectives and perhaps make a heartfelt reunion around the 13th. If someone has been on your mind, reach out and connect with them before your birthday – this could be an opportune time to reconnect. 

After the 9th of the month, you may need to deal with some ex drama or healing some anger you have towards the people closest to you. Process it all in stride, Libra – you may notice you’re feeling more drained or exhausted when it comes to relationships. You’re normally quite other-oriented, but be gentle with yourself this month if you’re craving more solitude. You may experience a surprise when it comes to your friends and relationships on the 15th.  On the 27th, you may get a new creative idea or fated relationship – lean in! Follow your heart and your inspiration- what an amazing way to kick off another trip around the sun


  • I healthily process the relationship anger from the past.
  • I reconnect with pals I hold dear. 
  • I honor harmony within my relationships and within myself.
  • I nurture my friendships.
  • I take the changes in my life in stride.


Scorpios, you elevate the act of being polarizing and intense to an art form. This month will require moderation, which I know you are not accustomed to! Avoid unnecessary risks for your health. Stay away from drugs, alcohol, gambling or risky activities like skydiving – anything that creates adrenaline spikes within your body. Look at your to-do list and see what you can trim off to reduce stress in your life. Aim for a balanced approach in every aspect of your life. 

You may have some frustrations emerge at your workplace. You Scorpions may have a stinger, but this is NOT the month to use it – with your traditional ruling planet, Mars, retrograde, these outbursts are likely to have ugly repercussions!  Be thoughtful with your responses, and take time away from the situation to arrive at a clear head if you need it. If your workload feels overwhelming, speak up and delegate. You may feel less energetic towards the end of month, and more likely to draw inward. Honor this internal call.  


  • I draw my energy inward.
  • I nurture my inner world.
  • I delegate excess work tasks.
  • I aim for moderation in all that I do.
  • I take care of my body.


My optimistic Sagittarius, your M.O. is to expand and to grow. You may have been feeling stagnant this summer, like your dreams and initiatives just couldn’t get off the ground. Trust that September will bring a boost in inspiration and outlook in moving things forward. You may get a glimmer of hope around the 9th of the month, perhaps a financial boost due to your role at work. This glimmer of hope will be JUST the inspiration you need to KEEP GOING! The real momentum will begin in your life on the 13th. And you’ll be so proud you didn’t give up when things felt stuck. 

Though your ruling planet, Jupiter, heads direct this month, the planet of action and activity, Mars, begins ITS retrograde journey, Sept. 9 – Nov. 13. During this time, you may reconnect with a fling from the past. If you don’t desire a reconnection, but still hold a lot of anger towards someone you were romantically involved with, this month could provide an opportunity for you to make peace with that wrath you feel. Anger is a poison inside of your body, so do what you need to do to cleanse yourself of those intense emotions – for YOURSELF. You’re too optimistic and positive to be holding onto that intensity! You may feel frustrated in your fertility efforts, or hit a significant creative block when it comes to your artwork. Be mindful of taking on more than you can handle this month – with this boost in optimism, you may feel like you can handle it all, but err on the side of caution. Commit to the projects that truly excite you, and clear out the clutter of what does not. 


  • I heal my past relationships.
  • I am open to inspiration.
  • I am realistic about my bandwidth. 
  • I deal with the situation at hand.
  • I forgive myself and those around me.


What a year, right, my Capricorns! You all are hard workers, but with so many malefics in your sign, it has NOT been an easy year thus far. Good news – expect SOME progress forward coming to you this month, particularly towards the end of September. In the interim, get organized about your goals and your day to day. Go through excess clutter, get rid of belongings in your home, tie up loose ends in your projects and squash any family drama in your life. All of these things distract your energy and pull you away from what you truly wish to build within your life. 

You’re used to being hard working and strong, so it may feel strange when you find you’re a bit more introspective and drained this month. Honor this pull inward – you’re not a robot, Capricorn. Make peace with your emotions, especially any suppressed anger you’ve been avoiding. Keep yourself the foundation to feel, and thus, heal. You may feel rather confident around the 17th and finally feel like your efforts are being rewarded. The 29th may feel stressful, and frustrating as you feel unable to build what you want in a meaningful way. BUT as we move into October, you finally have the pass to move forward, towards what you want to build, create and draw closer to you.


  • I make positive movements forward.
  • I heal my anger towards my family members.
  • I clean up my inner and outer worlds.
  • I am open to new solutions to solve old problems.
  • I honor my emotions.


Aquarius, you are a fantastic blend of where innovation meets structure. As open-minded and quirky as you are, you ARE still fixed in nature, and can be rather stubborn as a result. While you have an intelligent viewpoint, September will be exceptionally frustrating if you aren’t open to listen to feedback from those around you. Rather than forcing YOUR viewpoint, take a deep breath to check in with those around you. The thoughts of your coworkers, friends or family members can be JUST the catalyst you needed to elevate your project, or your life situation, from okay to great. But it takes admitting that you are not perfect, and that you are open to advice from others. Be open to new possibilities!

You may move into September feeling frustrated by your lack of progress in life. Try not to take it out on those around you. This is also NOT the month for road rage, so listen to calming classical music while you’re driving will help to quell your frustrations. Give yourself AMPLE time to get where you’re going, make sure your directions are ironed out and make sure you’re on top of your car maintenance. By the end of the month, this stagnation you’ve been feeling will begin to lift, with your traditional ruling planet, Saturn, heading direct. On the 17th, you’ll be feeling confident in your own abilities. Use that confidence as the steam to keep moving forward in your life. While progress is a guarantee this month, remember – slow and steady wins the race! 


  • I take life one step at a time.
  • I give myself ample time for my travels.
  • I am open to feedback from others.
  • I make progress steadily, and surely.
  • I am progressing in life.


To the fish of the zodiac, your compassionate heart is the most beautiful thing about you. Lately, you’ve been realizing that the intrinsic payoff of joy that comes from your network of friends and colleagues is the truest form of wealth on this planet. This month, you’ll be rewarded for the time you’ve been investing in your networks via opportunities, good times and new connections with like-minded individuals. Around the 9th of the month, you may get an amazing opportunity from someone within your network or get to attend an expansive social event. On the 13th of the month, your traditional ruling planet, Jupiter, moves direct, so you may feel like you are finally building momentum when it comes to your hopes and dreams for the future, and audiences. 

You live in fantasy, Pisces, but it’s really important for you to ground down towards the end of Virgo season. Resist the urge to embellish the truth around the 17th, as it can have poor ramifications. With Mars retrograde in the financial sector of your chart, you may need to confront the impulsive way you’ve been spending money lately. Any monetary carelessness will come back to haunt you, so it’s a beautiful month to dig into the emotions underneath your spending habits — do you emotionally spend? Spend money to fit in? Hoard your money because you’re anxious for the future? Acknowledging these deeper triggers can help you to revolutionize the underlying psychology that is affecting your bank account. Some projects or expenses from the past can resurface. You may be feeling listless when it comes to “hustling” or seeking out new income streams. Aim to work smarter and not harder. Confront how you advocate for yourself when it comes to your finances and monetary status. You may have been feeling shy all year about requesting a raise from your boss, but you are VALUABLE, Pisces! Stick up for yourself and get the money that you deserve.


  • I am mindful with every dollar I spend.
  • I build momentum towards my dreams consistently.
  • I expand my networks and audiences.
  • I understand my value, and advocate for it.
  • I connect with like-minded communities. 

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